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Burkitt's Book of Bad Motorcycle Poetry Paperback
Burkitt's Book of Bad Motorcycle Poetry - Old King Cole Publishing

After seeing a review in the Vintage Motorcycle Club's journal, I recently bought a copy of "Burkitts Book of Bad Motorcycle Poetry". Congratulations, Norman, the deceptively simple theme conveys so much emotional and nostalgic content, also insight. It's a very significant little book which is up with the best from a social and philosophical angle, such as "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Pirsig. We're the same age and of similar backgrounds which may have helped in a common understanding, but, good on yer, the book deserves every success and accolade! Forward this to whoever you like.


Nigel Stennett-Cox


A book to enjoy, share and treasure. I can hand on heart say that in every poem I recognise (and felt that I knew) each of the myriad of riders referred to!"


Mark Wilsmore - Ace Cafe London


An interesting title for a surprisingly good set of short poems about motorcycling written by Norman Burkitt and published by London based Old King Cole publishing. Just under 100 short poems about riding, the bikes and the culture covering mainly the fifties and sixties, none lasting more than two pages.


The interesting thing about this book is that you can easily fit a mental picture of somebody you know into your mind when reading a particular poem as it tends to describe them very well. In many cases you cannot help but smile as you dip in and out of this softback book, especially when a skit is illustrated with an amusing small ink drawing. By the time you reach the end you realise that it is actually full of really good skits, but if they said that would you have even opened the cover? Comparing to an American book of motorcycle poetry I have sitting on the bookshelf, this stands head and shoulders above it as it is relevant to motorcycling in the UK, and the individual items are not long and wordy - and all about Harleys!


To some poetry and motorcycling are not good bedfellows, but in this case they are a perfect fit, and this book is well worth the £8.99 cover price.


Ian Kerr MBE

Featured in "The Pioneer Motor Cyclist" Autumn Email Supplement 2020

Flynn's Window
Flynn's Window - Old King Cole Publishing

It's good to see the return of Flynn with lots of his friends, the illustrations are even more detailed than in the first book Flynn's Window. I loved the colour schemes and Yeliz Hakki's quirky style of drawing. You can find something new to see each time you read the book which makes you want to return again and again for another look.


I read the book with 2 of my grandchildren, who are already fans. Keane, aged 11, said "I think the pictures are impressive. They are like fabulous cartoons." Freya, aged 12, said "All the colours stand out nicely.


Evelyne Weatherley- Former Primary School Headteacher


Author-illustrator Yeliz Hakki is back with another vivid and engaging tale of the curious cat Flynn. From his spot on his windowsill, Flynn shares with his friends and the readers all the amazing things he can see going on outside - from pandas on a bike ride to mystical unicorn battles in the sky.


Fun and inventive, Hakki's playful illustrations and rhyming technique are very effective in sparking children's imaginations and they will want to read it again and again.


As with the first book in the series, it also provides a rich starting point for families or teachers to start discussions or plan activities post-storytime.


This book feels particularly special at the moment - reminding you that when you are stuck inside, your imagination can help make each day a little more magical."


Leah Byrne - Picturehouse Education

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